Customer Service
Customer Service


Customer management system
packed full of information needed
at a glance

Managing customer accounts is simple with a clean interface that shows
a customer’s service locations, services, equipment, service history,
rates, contacts, and activity history. Each customer can have multiple
locations, and each location can have multiple services. All shown in a
screen that provides a quick glance into your customer while giving you
the tools to drill down into the details (rate history, change history, etc.).

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Visual dispatching allows quick
and efficient routing of orders

Dispatchers can see orders for the day and driver locations with updated
statuses when field staff perform services. New orders created during
the day are alerted to the dispatcher with an audible alert and then
shown in an Un-Routed queue waiting to be sent to the appropriate

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Take control of your equipment
and make it work for you

Inventory control is an essential part of your business. Gain visibility into
your equipment like never before. Quickly and easily see where
equipment is, how long it has been there, last service provided, who
delivered and serviced it most recently, and where has it been in the
past, plus much more! All from a single screen.

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Critical information from the field
recorded and sent to customer
service as it happens

Details of each order are shown in a simple interface to see the work
requested and compare to the actual work performed. See where the
work was actually performed with a location, date, time, and worker
stamp for each order. Comments, signatures, images, and checklists
from the field staff are shown with each order.

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We work with specialized partners
to bring powerful tools in a single

Why re-create the wheel? We believe in partnering with other service
providers to bring their specialties into our platform. By combining data
captured in AllyPro with these partners, we take your business to the
next level. Integrations include mapping, accounting, routing
optimization, tax retrieval, and much more!

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Native mobile application utilized
by drivers to route, navigate, and
complete orders in the field

Driver order listing replaces printed orders and route sheets. Dispatch
new orders in real-time and drivers receive push notifications for
changes to their route. The driver sees the map of where the service is to
be performed. Locations are captured on each service where the work
was actually performed – the driver is routed to last performed location.
Application available on iOS or Android devices.

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