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SaniJohn Services

SaniJohn Services

We selected AllyPro as our enterprise system for SaniJohn Services in April 2020. Over a four-month period we migrated our customer and operations data from Tower Systems to AllyPro. Since then we have used AllyPro to make our operations more efficient and more profitable. The billing and routing systems have met all of our needs and allowed us to better serve our customers. Most importantly, the team at AllyPro is always very responsive to our questions and to resolving any system issues that we have experienced. In our opinion, AllyPro is the best value on the market for enterprise-wide software for the portable toilet/waste oil industries.

William W. Keating

President, CEO

All In Sanitation Services

All In Sanitation Services

With our recent growth, we were tasked with the daunting challenge of finding a company that would not only be able to accommodate such growth, but also provide us with a system that would meet our current needs. AllyPro has been the enterprise solution that has bridged this gap. We are now more equipped for growth and have additionally been able to identify areas of inefficiencies tangled within our previous methodology. It is evident that AllyPro has been built with the end user in mind. It is geared towards a more simplified experience when dealing with the complicated task of organizing drivers and routes.

With that being said, onboarding has been a phase in the startup process which required the greatest amount of attention to detail and foresight. It is in this stage, where having a member from the AllyPro onboarding team present a necessary commodity.

The investment we placed in securing time with AllyPro’s project managers and implementation specialists has been valuable to the process. Their insight into the system and our industry was an integral tool in the effective execution of the entire process. Not only were they available for any questions, but it was such a wonderful perk to have them onsite walking us through the setup. Not only would I recommend AllyPro as an enterprise software, but I encourage the use of their onboarding team.

Joshua Coulson

General Manager

Columbia River Affordable Portables

Columbia River Affordable Portables

Three years ago, our small family-owned portable restroom company began an extensive search for a reputable sanitation software vendor; a vendor that would meet our needs in a simple, user-friendly fashion, with an intuitive product that would be easy to install and maintain. After much vetting, we decided on a completing software provider that is popular with many PROs. This product had a good reputation, the on-line demo indicated it was a great product and the initial back end work we were required to do prior to startup was fairly simple (inventory, customer build, etc.) Over one year down the road, we STILL hadn’t gone live. Once we got to the point of getting our rents and services into the system, things went south fairly quickly. Complete lack of customer service, no technical support and no working software. Six months later we went back to the drawing board and decided to go with AllyPro.

AllyPro more than meets our needs all in one package and is so user friendly. As an example: the first day’s rent and service we input into AllyPro cut three hours of time from our previous method of doing things! Our drivers picked up the scanning and hand-held app process with zero difficulty. In less than two weeks we were pretty much fully functional with the software and new processes.

The Allypro implementation team has been integral in our success with this software. We are all so excited and energized by moving forward technologically with a product that is going to allow us to do our jobs much more efficiently and to concentrate on growing our business. We could not have executed the final stages of this install if it weren’t for the AllyPro group. We are 100% satisfied with this product and the customer service that comes with it, and highly recommend it to anyone in the sanitation industry.

Wade Collins, Owner

Karen Carlin, Business Manager